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<title>Acryl Icons Pack</title>
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<h1 id="headline1-2">Changelog</h1>
<h3 id="headline3-src">Version 11, unreleased</h2>
<p id="a">changed: the activity name of zapp</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-rec">Version 10, bugfix</h2>
<p id="a">bugfix: usageDirect -> usagedirect</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-src">Version 9, not on fdroid</h2>
<p id="a">new: 40 icons</a></p>
<p id="a">Arcticons Dark, Arcticons Light, Aurora Droid, AVNC,
droidVNC-NG, Delist, Exif Thumbnail Adder, Feeel, Fdroid nearby, Funkwhale, Friendica,
GymRoutines, Giant Stopwatch, Guerrilla Mail, Home Assistant, Just Video Player,
monocles browser, Museum of a broken API, nabla, oRing - Reminder, opmt, openrec,
peercoin, pushie, Remote Numpad, Silectric, SelfPrivacy, ShoppingList, Subtracks,
Timer +X, Todont, Tickmate, tFileTransfer, Trackbook, usageDirect, URLSanitizer,
Voltage Drop Calculator, WalletCount, WeeklyBudget amd Workouts'N'Rest</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-rec">Version 8, bugfix</h2>
<p id="a">bugfix: aTox -> atox</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-src">Version 7, not on fdroid</h2>
<p id="a">new: 79 icons</a></p>
<p id="a">eventyayorganizerapp, 2playerbattle, acode, acrylicicons, antimine,
ariane, asteroidos, aTox, badgemagic, barinsta, bitwarden, blabberim, blockpuzzle, bolton,
dagger, deedum, deltachat, discreetlauncher, elementary, eventyayattendeeapp,
fdroidbuildstatus, fdroidclassic, flashy, geonotes, grocyandroid, httpshortcuts, imagepipe,
imgurviewer, instalate, jiofibatterynotifier, justanotherworkouttimer, k9mail,
kfzkennzeichen, liberovocab, medilog, memory, metro, midictrl, nextcloudbookmarks,
notally, noteless, ocreader, okcagent, opencamera, osmdashboard, osmdashboardoffline,
pep, periodical, photok, pixeldroid, posidonlauncher, powertunnel, proexpense,
rechnen, retro, runner, schildichat, sentienlauncher, sharetoinputstick, sharik,
simplecalculator, simplecontactspro, simpledialer, simplefilemanagerpro,
simplegallerypro, simplesmsmessenger, skydroid, teddyforreddit, tizeno,
todoagenda, trailsense, transistor, tubeacad, tubelab, tvrandshow, twidere, voipmssms,
watomatic and wlanscanner</a></p>
<p id="a">exchanged: 1 icon</a></p>
<p id="a">nextcloudcookbook of micmun (new logo)</a></p>
<p id="a">what is new from now on</a></p>
<p id="a">all icons are only listed one below the other, i.e. from
version 1.0 to 6.0 everything was from A to Z. from version 7.0 onwards, all new
icons are listed below and not everything from A to Z any more</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-rec">Version 6, online 2021-03-11</h2>
<p id="a">bugfix: 53 icons had borders</a></p>
<p id="a">archpackages, binaryeye, bookreader, briar, clover, dailydozen,
dandelior, derdiedas, diab, dmsexplorer, emeraldialer, eprssreader, etesync, fdroid,
flym, huewidgets, kisslauncher, kodi, kore, krautschluessel, lightandroidlauncher,
markor, minivector, monerujo, monochromatic, movim, newpipe, notepad, oeffi, opencontacts,
opendnsupdater, openhab, openlauncher, openscale, riot, rxdroid, sdbviewer, skytube,
streetcomplete, suntimes, superfreeze, syncopoli, termux, timelimit, timetable, transportr,
trigger, tusky, ulogger, unstoppable, vanillamusic, vocabletrainer and zapp</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-src">Version 5, online 2021-02-26</h2>
<p id="a">bugfix: vespucci</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-rec">Version 4, not on fdroid</h2>
<p id="a">bettercounter, exoairplayer, nextcloud, nextcloudcookbook,
nextcloudcookbookflutter, nextcloudyaga, nexttracks, nicefeed, nlweer, notepad,
notificationcron, notificationlog, ocr, odeon, oeffi, opencontacts, opendnsupdater,
openhab, openlauncher, openmultimaps, openmensa, openscale, opentodolist, opentracks,
osmand, p2play, pcapdroid, piwigo, postwriter, potatoproject notes, pro expense,
pslab, pulsemusic, railwaystationphotos, raisetoanswer, redmoon, rxdroid,
scrambled exif, screenshot tile, sdbviewer, shadelauncher, shadowsocks foss,
shopwithmom, simpletask, skytube, smsmatrix, streetcomplete, suntimes, superfreeze,
syncopoli, taupunkt, teddyforreddit, termbin, termux, texttorch, timelimit,
timetable, tincapp, tinykeepass, torrentclient, trackercontrol, transportr,
trezormanager, trigger, tschernobyl, tusky, tiny weather forecast germany,
twitlatte, ulogger, unit converter ultimate, unstoppable, vanillamusic,
vector pinball, vertretungsplan, vespucci, vocabletrainer, volumecontrol,
volumenotification, wakelock, wanidoku, wifianalyzer, wifi info, x11basic,
xmppadmin, zapp, zimlauncher, 1toX</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-src">Version 3, Added 2021-01-31</h2>
<p id="a">fairemail, fdroid, fedilab, feeder, fissh, fitotrack, florisboard,
fly, forecasttie, forrunners, fullcolemak, fyreplace, gadgetbridge, geonotes, gitnex,
greenbitcoinwallet, homeapp, homebot, hourlyreminder, huewidgets, hypezig, joplin,
kisslauncher, kodi, kontalk, kore, koyuspace, krautschlüssel, librehome, libreipsum, libretrivia,
lightandroidlauncher, log28, loophabbittracker, lrceditor, manyverse, markor, masstransfer,
materialfiles, metagersuche, mifareclassictool, minivector, mobilizon, monerujo, moneytracker,
monochromatic, morse, movim, musicalnotes, newpipe</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-rec">Version 2, Added 2021-01-31</h2>
<p id="a">bugfixes: androidversion, anothernotes, appsmonitor,
bitcoinpluslightningwallet, calculatorplusplus</a></p>
<h3 id="headline3-src">Version 1, Added 2021-01-31</h2>
<p id="a">1list, 9p, aegis, aicamera, androidversion, anonaddy, anothernotesv, appmonitor, archpakages
audioserve, babydots, balancetheball, baresip, binaryeye, bitcoinpluslightningwallet,
blockpuzzle, bookreader, briar, calculatorplusplus, callrecorder, campfire, catima
chubbyclick, clover, collaboraoffice, contactdiary, cryptolitycs, currencies, cyberwow,
dailydozen, dandelior, dapnet, derdiedas, deufeitage, diab, diary, dmsexplorer, easynotes,
element, emeraldialer, enrecipes, eprssreader, escapepod, etar, etesync, subz</a></p>