A CadQuery script to generate 3D printable braille label plates based on user-provided English text.
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Braille Label Generator

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PLEASE NOTE: This project is a work in progress. It may not be standards-compliant and may still contain mistakes in the generated braille. Regulations also vary by region, so please consult with local authorities to ensure that the dot geometry and spacing provided in this script meets requirements.


This project is a CadQuery script (braille_label_generator.py) to generate 3D printable braille label plates based on user-provided text. The generator currently only supports a subset of grade 1 braille, but full grade 1 and grade 2 braille support are planned.

Picture of a finished braille label that reads CadQuery


Documentation is available on customizing, printing, and post-processing these braille labels. Please visit this link for the full documentation.

Current State

Grade 1 braille is partially supported. Lowercase letters a-z are available, but capital letters, numbers and punctuation are not available. Support for capital letters, numbers and punctuation is planned for the future.

Grade 2 contracted braille is not supported yet, but is planned for the future.

Usage: Customize and Download a Label

There is a page on the 7B Industries website which allows a user to customize the braille text and download the label in STL, STEP or AMF format. Instructions are provided at the bottom of that download page.

Click here to visit the customize and download page.

Usage: Local Execution and Development

To execute this script locally, the CQ-editor GUI is the simplest option. Open the braille_label_generator.py file, change the text variable at the top of the script, and then click the Execute button. The icon for that button is a green play sign.


If there are any errors, or if there are improvements to be made, please open an issue on this repository. Please be sure to follow the conduct guidelines within the Python Community Code of Conduct when doing so.