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Text adventure giraffe game
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Text adventure giraffe game

A simple and loose implementation of dozens' giraffe game in a text encounter form.


  • Install Nim ~= 1.6 and optionally, make.

  • Clone the repository, change into the directory and build:

git clone
cd tag

# If make is installed
make install DESTDIR=/usr/local 

# Otherwise build with the nim command
# The tag executable and data/ directory can then be moved elsewhere
nim -c -d:release tag.nim


-n, --name          Show a random giraffe name
-p, --play          Play game
-v, --version       Show game version

In-game commands

  • Show available commands: h or help
  • Show places: places
  • Go to a place: go [place]
  • Do something (with dice): do [action]
  • Exit game: quit

Rule differences from the original game

  • Encounters are randomly triggered by going to places.
  • Multiple encounters with the same creature type are possible.
  • Doing stuff with dice only happens during encounters.
  • Doing stuff only works with one creature at a time.
  • Creatures in encounters will disappear if the action was successful or there were too many attempts per encounter.


  • No data save or load (single-session plays only)
  • No place-specific encounters from the original game, e.g. Maraffe and Paraffe in giraffe home (all encounters are randomised)
  • No option to switch between data sets (classic only)
  • No command to eat the best leaves (game already ended)

License and credits

Game code is released under the BSD-3-Clause license.

Classic data is derived from the giraffe TTRPG by dozens and made available under the original game's license.