a user-overrides.js supplement intended to be appended to the 'HorlogeSkynet' user.js for Thunderbird
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labwrat's user-overrides.js for Thunderbird


this user-overrides.js is a supplement intended to be appended to the HorlogeSkynet user.js - a security and privacy centric user preferences file for Thunderbird and its derivatives

the preferences in this user-overrides.js are my personal preferences which are not edited for public consumption, therefore you will need to adjust as necessary


  1. add the 'HorlogeSkynet' user.js file to your Thunderbird profile from the HorlogeSkynet/thunderbird-user.js repository
  2. download the user-overrides.js file from this repo to your Thunderbird profile directory
  3. edit the settings in the user-overrides.js file to suit your personal preferences
  4. copy the entire contents of the user-overrides.js file and paste it at the end of the user.js file


  • to be notified of updates to the 'HorlogeSkynet' user.js, subscribe to the commits feed
  • to be notified of updates to the user-overrides.js in this repository, subscribe to the 'Thunderbird' category at 12bytes.org
  • to see the changes between versions, click on the commits link, then click on the latest version to compare it with the previous version