Post a photo quickly to the Fediverse
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Fedi Photo

Post a photo quickly to the Fediverse.

Open, Click, Shared!


Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play


  • connect FediPhoto client with your fediverse account (mastodon, pleroma and pixelfed*) to retrieve auth token.
    • multiple accounts are supported.
  • you'll be requested to concede this permissions
  • configure status settings
    • multiple status configurations are supported.
  • tap on main screen to open camera, take picture and click on check mark icon (bottom right)
  • it's done!! FediPhoto will publish your status and will receive a confirmation message afterwards

Known Issues

  • PixelFed does not allow direct posts via the API as far as I can determine.
  • Not working if PixelFed's 2FA is enabled (this happens with any client).



FediPhoto ChangeLog


FediPhoto Privacy Policy

FediPhoto does NOT collect any personal data and/or information. It works locally on your device and information about your account is not shared or stored.


Bug Reports & Contributions

Please open a github issue with detailed information about the problem

Contribute making feature requests and code contributions

Contact translators for translation issues


Translate FediPhoto UI

  • Fork this repository
  • Add value-XX folder to app/src/main/res/ directory
    • where XX is Android's language ISO-639-1 code
  • Copy strings.xml from values folder into this new created folder for your language
  • Translate it and make a PR to this repository

Contributors (A-Z)